Monday, December 10, 2007

Chucky Cheese and More New PJs

Here are Ruthie's newest set of PJs from Grandma Ginny.

Yikes, please tell me the keys aren't in the ignition.
What up, Chuck?
Ashly got a man for her third birthday.

Ruthie had been battling a stomach bug that is evidently running rampant in her school. Fortunately, we feel that she is acting like her normal self again. She definitely getting more mobile even though she isn't crawling yet. You definitely can't set her down and expect her to be in the same spot after you turn your back on her. She is making lots more sounds, too. I am positive that she says "Mama". Even though she has been trying hard to get a tooth, none have popped out. Her new thing is to roll her tongue and then rub it along her gums. We are excited for the holiday season to get here. Ruthie just stared as we put up our Christmas tree. The picture from Chucky Cheese above are from Ashly's (Steve's cousin) third birthday party. Judging from the picture above with her man, her parents might be in for some trouble some high school time.