Monday, December 10, 2007

Chucky Cheese and More New PJs

Here are Ruthie's newest set of PJs from Grandma Ginny.

Yikes, please tell me the keys aren't in the ignition.
What up, Chuck?
Ashly got a man for her third birthday.

Ruthie had been battling a stomach bug that is evidently running rampant in her school. Fortunately, we feel that she is acting like her normal self again. She definitely getting more mobile even though she isn't crawling yet. You definitely can't set her down and expect her to be in the same spot after you turn your back on her. She is making lots more sounds, too. I am positive that she says "Mama". Even though she has been trying hard to get a tooth, none have popped out. Her new thing is to roll her tongue and then rub it along her gums. We are excited for the holiday season to get here. Ruthie just stared as we put up our Christmas tree. The picture from Chucky Cheese above are from Ashly's (Steve's cousin) third birthday party. Judging from the picture above with her man, her parents might be in for some trouble some high school time.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Bad Mommy

So I am a little behind on the picture taking and I don't have much to show for it. But I am going to try my hand at a video.
This is Ruthie in her standard issue. She went through three outfits that day at daycare, so she had to come home in their clothes.
Ruthie's newest PJs. Yes, I do know that isn't a teether.

I know this image doesn't come up, but I am hoping that the sound does. Can you name that tune?

Ruthie is getting more and more active. She likes standing up and can skoot backwards. Thanksgiving was lots of fun with lots of family. We are looking forward to Christmas. Hopefully, we will get a tree this weekend.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Our little octopus

Finally, here are her Halloween pictures.
No this isn't our latest family picture.
I just thought this picture looked ornery.

Umm, carrots!

Well, I think that Ruthie enjoyed her first Halloween. She got to do the traditional Palumbo family Halloween at auntie Di's house, she got to show off her costume at Steve's work, and she got to trick or treat at Grandpa Rich's. She turned 6 months today and get all her shots on Monday. She stopped rolling over. I guess that means she is temperatmental like her mommy.

Friday, November 2, 2007


I couldn't upload pictures to the blog last night due to technical difficulties which surprisingly weren't my fault. Tune in Monday morning. I will definitely have pictures of the little octopus up by then. Arrrggg!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mmmm solid foods

Ruthie got to try her first solid food this weekend. They warned us to present the spoon sideways so she isn't itimidated and to be patient that she will spit out most of what she goes in her mouth. Well, I guess that all doesn't apply to babies that are half Brubaker. She grabbed the spoon from us and actedly like she knew exactly what is was for. She doesn't waste much food spitting it back out either. Mommy and Daddy are the ones that need the practice, especially getting the spoon the mouth and not the nose!

I know she looks mad, but it was probably just because we ran out of cereal at this sitting. She finally rolled over for us unassisted tonight. I was just starting to worry when she did it out of the blue. She is also sitting very well and has figured out how to get from a sitting position to her stomach. She rocks in the sitting position until she falls face forward, but she gets her arms and legs out quick and gets the illusive object set in front of her. It isn't the prettiest thing to watch but she is definitely doing it with a purpose. We are excited to post Halloween picture next week!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Gramma's Birthday

Happy Birthday, Gramma! My mom celebrated her 29th birthday again this year with a little PF Changs and some ice cream cake. Here she is with Shelby and Ruthie.
I am a little late on these pictures but they are from our trip to Rocky Ford a couple of weekends ago.
Our little pumpkin!
I don't think that Ruthie was quite sure about her homecoming visit with Blaster. Go Diggers!
I think Ruthie's mommy has given that same look to that same computer several times.

Ruthie got to spend some time at home with Mommy last week because we had her tested for whooping cough. Luckily it wasn't that and her cough is definitely getting better. She has been showing a lot of interest in adult food lately, so we think we will start her on cereal here soon. Not that she needs it, but she keeps making us feel guilty by staring at us whenever we eat or drink. I am starting to get a complex. She is sitting up well, but we are still working on getting her to roll over. Sarah and I took her to the Mines Homecoming parade and part of the game. She seemed to be amused by the parade, but Blaster wasn't too interested in us at the game.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


Ruthie enjoying her latest "must read".

Seriously Mom, we need to talk about introducing some solids foods.

Remember the solid foods I mentioned before?
Here are a couple more pictures of Ruthie. She is growing lots. We took her to the doctor this week for a cough. They weighted her and she is 17 lbs and 5.6 oz. As her Uncle Nate says, she is not missing any meals! Other than her cough, she is doing great!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

A little late

Ok, so we didn't quite make every week over the month of September. Time just gets away from me. In the beginning of September, Ruthie had her four month visit with the doctor. She was in the top percentiles again for weight, height, and head circumference. She has been doing well at daycare. She has established a schedule which is great for us. She has been giggling more and loves it when her daddy sings 'Boom, I got your boyfriend'. A little strange, but cute. She rolls to her side from her back, but has only gotten completely over once. She loves to sit up and is doing it on her own sortof. The above picture is from another attempt at the zoo. This time we got to go with daddy.
Here she is just relaxing at home. Her baby rolls just keep getting deeper and deeper.

I kept trying to get her sucking her toe, but this is as close as I could get. We were playing peep a boo. I think she is learning how to play by pulling the blanket over her face, but maybe she is just tired of mommy talking.

Here she is with her aunt Katrina making funny faces. I promise to keep more up to date. We are excited for Halloween. Ruthie's costume came in the mail this week! Thanks for not giving up on our blog!

Monday, August 27, 2007

I am ready for my close up!

Here are some more pictures of our cutie! Of course any little girl whose mommy was a meloneer needs her own melon t-shirt. Thanks Gramma!

Yay for tummy time!

I think that she is just looking for trouble.

We had Steve's brother Rick's graduation party at our house this past weekend. He graduated from UCD this summer with a mechanical engineering degree.
Things at our house have been pretty busy lately with birthday and graduation parties not to mention fantasy football drafts. Aah, the dreaded football season has arrived. Ruthie is getting bigger and bigger every day. She discover her feet over the past couple weeks and now socks no longer stand a chance. Everything is also going in her mouth included the previously mentioned socks.

Monday, August 13, 2007


We had a very eventful past couple of weeks. We got to have cake and ice cream at several birthday parties. Shelby turned 2 on July 30th, Susie turned 1 on August 11th, and Great Grandma Brubaker celebrated another birthday on August 12th. Grandpa Rich and Marilyn also had a party at their new house with lots of relatives and friends that we were excited to introducr Ruthie to. In addition, I started back to work full time on July 30th, so we have been a very busy family! Ruthie just seems to get bigger and bigger everyday. I think I am in denial because I keep trying to fit her into her little diapers. She has also been melting our hearts lately by letting out her first few giggles.
Here is Ruthie doing a little snuggling at Susie's birthday party. It is a sure sign she is truly sleepy if she finds her thumb and doesn't try to suck on her whole fist.

Sun safety for our little pastey!

Lucky Susie got to have a giant pinata at her birthday.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Shh! Don't tell Dad

OK, Steve already saw Ruthie in her Mines gear, courtesy of Uncle Sam and Aunt Ro. He protested but not very strongly. I think he has a thing for Mines girls.

This was my last week at home with Ruthie. I start back to work on Monday. I am excited about work, but not so excited about leaving my baby with someone else. I will miss her dearly.

This last week we got to meet Ruthie's cousin Chase for the first time. He was born in November to my cousin Alysa and her husband Scott.

This picture was suppose to be Great Grandma Brubaker with her great grandkids, but I guess you can tell which two are mobile.

We had a great time seeing everyone. It had definitely been too long.

Finally, here is Grandpa showing Ruthie the appropriate hand gestures for the Black Jack table. A little scary, but she seemed to enjoy it.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Indoor Girl

This is a picture from Ruthie's first trip to the zoo. She obviously enjoyed it. We went on Thursday morning with Sommer and Shelby, but the weather was so hot we didn't last too long.

Cousin Shelby got her turn to hold Baby Ruthie after the trip to the zoo. Looks like Ruthie enjoys her cousin.

Same day as the zoo, but we are inside catching up on a little Gilmore Girls. It might be too early to tell, but I am guessing Ruthie is an indoor girl like her mom.

Here is Ruthie with her daddy.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We'll Give It A Try

Well, I thought I would try starting a blog to chronical Ruthie's growth. Besides all the cool kids are doing it! She is about 2 and half months now. We took her to the doctor last week and she is 12.5 lbs and 24 inches, which puts her in the 90th and 95th percentiles, respectively. She has jumped up to the 3-6 months clothes, too! Over the last couple of weeks she has discovered her hands. In particularly, her mouth found her thumb.

This is one of my favorite pictures of her half smile.