Monday, June 23, 2008

Welcome Baby Benett

Yay! Baby Benett joined the Brubaker family on Thursday and none too soon for Mommy and Daddy. Shelby has been affectionate and loving with her baby far!

Since it has been a little while since we posted, some of these picture are a little old. I have no shame in blaming my one year old daughter for the lack of pictures though. Every time I pull out the camera, she wants to play with it. Besides, this working mama has a hard time keeping up in general. Above is another picture of Shelby, this time with her boyfriend Joaquin who insisted on calling Shelby Shelbow just to get under her skin. To answer the age old question, yes men are born like that. We got to go to the zoo with Gabe, Eme, and Joaquin when they were in town. We miss them!

Ruthie's hair is getting long and starting to curl. Yipee! We have even been able to do pigtails lately. She loves them. Whenever she sees a rubberband laying around she tries to put in her hair. She is interested in hair 'pretties', purses, and electronics. Not so much babies. I think her daddy is in trouble.

Here is a picture from father's day at my parent's new house in Parker. Shelby and Ruthie had fun wrestling with Pop. Steve has been giddy all week because Ruthie bought him a new driver for Father's day. We also celebrated our 6th anniversary on Father's day. Yikes!