Thursday, August 14, 2008

In no particular order

I have once again failed the motherhood test. I have forgotten my camera and have to resort to stealing pictures from others. This set is from my mom and hopefully Steve will figure out his mom's camera to get her pictures. We have had a busy summer with visits from all of Ruthie's cousins. The Texas Brubakers came out to spend a few weeks. The next couple of pictures are from Shelby's birthday.

Ruthie loved Tommy. I am not so sure he was quite as impressed with her.

Maloree and McKenna were so helpful with Ruthie. The break to sit and talk with adults was nice. Oh, the little things.

My cousin Alysa stopped by with her two beautiful child on the way to their new home in Kansas City. And of course it is always fun to see Emma, Max, Tonya, and Charlie.

The South Carolina Brubakers also came by for a visit.

Lots of love from Shelby!
Grandma Paula couldn't resist the matching dresses. Sorry, Jimmy.
Ruthie has loved the swimming pool this summer. She is absolutely fearless in the water. I know it is a cliche, but she is growing faster than we would like. She moves to the toddler room at daycare next Monday. This means a bigger playground, more structured days, and no more crib. She was more than ready to go though because her three girlfriends had moved up the few week prior. She is chattering more, signing more, and practicing her animal sounds. Sorry Katie, we don't have our mutliplication tables down quite yet.