Sunday, November 2, 2008

Super Cute

Ok, so I may be a little bias, but I do think that I have on my hands one of the cutest Wonderwomen ever. Ruthie especially appreciated Halloween this year, since she got to sample a few more types of candy than she ever has. As new parents, we quickly learned that toddlers don't do well with taffy. Who knew? Ok, maybe most parents with common sense, but that obviously isn't us.

We trick-or-treated, as is tradition, at Aunt Di's with Ruthie's cousins.

Steve calls this Ruthie's White Snake photo, since she is on top of Uncle Pete's white camero. Yeah, I guess I was busy listening to Young MC and Paula Abdul.

We also went to Halloween With Horses in Parker. Ruthie got to ride a horse.

But more importantly she got a sucker afterwards, so all she wanted to do was stand by the fence, eat her sucker, and kick dirt.

She won't even put the sucker down for the petting zoo. I guess I do have an 'indoor' girl.

She also got to carve a pumpkin with Grandpa. She has to wear her camo for this heavy duty work. Camo is courtesy of Grandpa and Marilyn. Definitely not mommy.

Suzie's Wedding (I guess Mike's too)

We had the fabulous opportunity to attend my friend Suzie's wedding in Breckenridge in October. She made an absolutely gorgeous bride to say the least. We had a great time catching up with everyone. Isn't the cliche, 'Its been way too long'.

Matchmaker Sarah and the beautiful bride.
Steve hadn't gotten to see his boyfriend Scott in too long. He was obviously excited. Not quite sure if those are anti-war signs or gang signs. I guess you get to make your own interpretation.
College friends from near and far.
Ivory and Jamie (Steve's other boyfriend) looking fabulous.
Long lost Lisa. I miss Lisa. Lisa lives in Texas with her adorable family. Her boys were the cutest ringbearer ever.

Fire Station

Dad and Grandpa took Ruthie to visit Uncle Doug at the fire station. I am not quite sure who was more excited about the trip, Dad or Ruthie.
Rutie definitely wasn't excited about this shot. I guess they took the keys out.
She did get to pose like a rock star with the truck though.

Plus she got this super cool hat and a badge. Even though there was a traumatic experience with Grandpa and the elastic chin strap on the hat, she still wears it occasionally to watch Elmo.