Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Big Weekend

Well, Ruthie had a big weekend. Not only did she pull herself on a chest on Saturday, but on Sunday she started crawling like she had been doing it for weeks

Here is an action shot!

Ruthie's Gene Simmon's imitation

I took this shot tonight. She was pretty excited about her teething biscuit. She is pretty excited about food in general. We spent the day at home because Ruthie was battling a case of pink eye. "Two drops in each eye, three times a day" Yeah, I wish putting eye drops in an infant was that easy. It was all a little ironic since we just watched Knocked Up a few nights before.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Holiday Update

Ok, so I didn't get this all in the right order, but we will go with it for now.

Grandma Ginny and Grandpa Pat got Ruthie her cool new bike/rocker. She loved it immediately. I think that is a happy face!
Brubaker grandkids with Great Grandma Brubaker.
Grandma Paula can't resiste the matching dresses for the little girls.
Aunt Peggy with Ruthie and the boys.
Susie and Ruthie
Uncle Ricky and Aunt Amber at Christmas.
The Girls at Rich and Marilyn's
Christmas morning and Santa brought Ruthie a kitchen. Hopefully she can teach mom and dad how to use one.

Sorry for the delay on updating the blog. It has been a busy holiday season and it had a few bitter sweet moments. In early December, I received word that one of my favorite Professors had passed away. Dr. David Young was truly an inspiration. David became a quadriplegic in his early 20s, yet never let his handicap prevent him from completing any dream. He was one of the funniest people I have ever met. Then in mid-December, we also got word that my cousin Shane had passed away. He too was handicapped and he was a such a positive influence in so many people's lives. Ruthie and I traveled to Nebraska for his funeral. All of my cousins came into town for the funeral. It was so nice to see my mom's family again. I wish it had been under different circumstances.
The flow of family started within hours of us getting back to Denver. Ruthie had such a great time at all her Christmas parties. She didn't really get the whole unwrapping thing, but she definitely enjoyed the noisy toys. She also loves being around all the kids and loves all the attention she gets from her grandmas and grandpas.
Our gigantor baby seems to get bigger everyday. She definitely is understanding her surroundings more. We have been able to expand what she can eat more and more. She even got her first tooth when we were in Nebraska and she got a second one since then.
We hope that your holiday season was filled with fun, family, and friends. We have been blessed in so many ways that we can't adequately express our gratitude.