Monday, August 27, 2007

I am ready for my close up!

Here are some more pictures of our cutie! Of course any little girl whose mommy was a meloneer needs her own melon t-shirt. Thanks Gramma!

Yay for tummy time!

I think that she is just looking for trouble.

We had Steve's brother Rick's graduation party at our house this past weekend. He graduated from UCD this summer with a mechanical engineering degree.
Things at our house have been pretty busy lately with birthday and graduation parties not to mention fantasy football drafts. Aah, the dreaded football season has arrived. Ruthie is getting bigger and bigger every day. She discover her feet over the past couple weeks and now socks no longer stand a chance. Everything is also going in her mouth included the previously mentioned socks.

Monday, August 13, 2007


We had a very eventful past couple of weeks. We got to have cake and ice cream at several birthday parties. Shelby turned 2 on July 30th, Susie turned 1 on August 11th, and Great Grandma Brubaker celebrated another birthday on August 12th. Grandpa Rich and Marilyn also had a party at their new house with lots of relatives and friends that we were excited to introducr Ruthie to. In addition, I started back to work full time on July 30th, so we have been a very busy family! Ruthie just seems to get bigger and bigger everyday. I think I am in denial because I keep trying to fit her into her little diapers. She has also been melting our hearts lately by letting out her first few giggles.
Here is Ruthie doing a little snuggling at Susie's birthday party. It is a sure sign she is truly sleepy if she finds her thumb and doesn't try to suck on her whole fist.

Sun safety for our little pastey!

Lucky Susie got to have a giant pinata at her birthday.