Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's a Girl!

Well, I kept putting off this post because I wanted to find time to sit down and post a few pictures and maybe a paragraph or two about being knocked up vs being pregnant. But, I have yet to find the time, and I want to share my news. We had an anatomy scan (ultrasound) of the baby on Monday. It is definitely another girl. Being that I never had a sister and always wanted one, I am excited for Ruthie. Steve's comment when the tech told us was, "Yes! Now I won't have to bail anyone out of jail". Oh what Steve doesn't know about girls. Everything on the anatomy scan looked good and my due date should still be memorial day. I see my regular doc on Thursday, so we should get the official word then. Christmas was great and Ruthie is doing well. She suckered Gramma into a few treats when they went shopping the other day because she was showing off all the words she knows. Apparently if you can say what it is then you get it. I kept trying to use the words 'spa day' in conversation with my mom, but I guess it only works for grandkids. Pictures and the difference between knocked up and pregnant will come soon!