Wednesday, April 9, 2008

First Hair Cut

We got Ruthie's haircut for the first time this past weekend. Prior to, she constantly had hair in her eyes and those cute little clips didn't quite work considering anything she can get her hands on ends up in her mouth. Besides, if she wants those cute side swept bangs, we better start training them now. This is the before picture of a little girl not quite sure she wants this version of fun.

Action shot. We decide to try the kiddie salon for the first cut, hence the car chair.

Grandma Ginny and Great Grandma Francie came all the way across town to witness the two minutes of fun. Luckily they stayed for cookies at the mall later. Ruthie got the works at the salon including the pony, bow, and a little glitter spray for good measure.

Ruthie got to try out Grandpa Rich's new hog.

We have had a busy past few weeks. Steve turned 30 on April 2nd, much to his disapointment. He was consoled by the fact that we went to Vegas to celebrate, just the two of us. It is the first trip since our honeymoon that we did just the two of us where we weren't going to visit someone else. We had a great time, but missed Ruthie of course. I am not quite sure she missed us since she got to spend some quality time with Gramma Paula and Pop. She is 'cruising' all over and thinking hard about walking on her own. She is doing more and more toddler foods and less baby foods and has moved to the big kids room at school. I know it is a cliche, but she is growing up too fast. Soon she will be rolling her eyes at me and telling me how lame I am, if they use the word lame then. Do they even use it now? I am old. By the way, new kids on the block are going on tour. I guess I can't be that old, right?